Water Damages and the Proper Equipment – What You Need to Know!

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July 19, 2019
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Water damages can happen quickly and very unexpectedly. When water damages occur, it is often a major disaster. Water can spread from one room to the next rather rapidly, leaving a trail of destruction behind. When you experience a water disaster, it is very crucial that you call a professional water damage restoration company. While you may think you can handle the water removal yourself, this is usually not the case. Below we will discuss why calling a disaster cleanup professional is so important when dealing with water damages.

Having the proper equipment for water removal and remediation is of the utmost importance. Without certain equipment you cannot completely remove the water from your property. If the water is not completely removed, you could end up with mold and structural damages. Mold can make you extremely ill and cost a lot to have removed.

Large Pumps and High-Powered Fans

While all equipment we use for water removal is important large pumps and high-powered fans are two of the more important ones. Large pumps can quickly remove excess water from your property, while the high-powered fans can quickly dry the area, ensuring less damage is done to your properly.

Moisture Sensors

Water can find itself into places you never thought possible. Water seeps into walls, under carpets, beneath floors, and even into different parts of your home. If even the tiniest amount of water is left, it can cause mold and structural problems. Moisture sensors can spot water the unaided eye cannot see. It can also find the source of water damages. This technology is the most important, as it ensures your entire house is free from all water.

Cleaning Agents

Special cleaning agents are used after water damage cleanup and restoration to ensure all mold spores are killed and that the area is free from any bacteria or viruses. Water can easily breed mold spores, viruses, and bacteria that you cannot see. This can cause severe illnesses to you and your family. Disaster Cleanup Services uses special cleaning agents to protect you, your family, and your home from further damages.