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January 19, 2018
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A fire can cause devastating damages to your home and life. If you have never been through a fire, it is traumatizing. Your home and items are damaged, and you have nowhere to turn. Luckily, Disaster Cleanup Services is here for our Colorado residents. We know how horrible a fire can be and we have the specialists to help you recover. Below we will discuss some things you should do after a fire. 

  • Make sure Everyone is Safe

It is important to ensure your family and pets are safe after the fire. Once you have checked to make sure everyone is accounted for, you should have them checked by a doctor. Smoke inhalation can cause you to become ill. 

  • Do Not Touch Anything

Never touch anything after the fire, it is important for insurance purposes. Disaster Cleanup Services will be able to handle your insurance claims and let you focus on more important things. 

  • Call a Disaster Cleanup Company

As soon as the fire has been put out and you see that everyone is safe, call a disaster cleanup company. They will be able to handle the brunt of your fire restoration. The disaster cleanup company will take pictures and help you with all your insurance needs. Once the initial insurance claim has been processed, they will begin fire restoration. 

  • Fire Restoration Process

The fire restoration process is a delicate process that is handled over time. This process returns your home to its original shape. If the fire was contained, we can save many of your precious items. Even if they are covered in soot, we can restore them. We have special cleansing agents to clean your items and return them to their original shape. 

If you have experienced a fire, let the professionals help you with the process. We will take the brunt of the stress and work hard to restore your home.