Frozen Pipes and Your Home
November 25, 2015
The Aftermath Of Snow Storms and Flooding
December 22, 2015

During the winter months you really don’t think much about your roof. However, your roof is weighed down with snow and ice. This can be a cause for concern, because your attic and the heat from your home will melt some of the ice and cause it to move along your roof. This creates an ice dam. Once an ice dam has been created there is a large possibility that your roof may begin to leak. This can cause catastrophic damages to your home.

If your home develops a leak from the ice and snow, it can cause extensive water damage, especially if not found right away. If this happens to you, it is important to call out a professional to deal with this type of issue. Disaster Cleanup Services offers complete water removal and water restoration services. A quick response is very important when dealing with water damage. It is important that you keep an eye out for any signs that your roof may be damaged. By checking your attic or top floor ceilings you can check to see if you have any leaks or soft spots. If your ceiling is changing colors, you have a leak. It is important to have this looked at immediately, if you already have a leak, then you need to call the professionals in to fix the leak and clean up the mess.

A good disaster clean up company will be out quickly to assess the damages and begin water removal. If you have water in your home, it could be behind walls and under floors. This will cause mold and rot if not taken care of. Disaster Cleanup Services uses special equipment to find this water and ensure it is dried completely. This winter avoid water damage by checking your roof for loose shingles before the snow hits and by keeping a watchful eye on your ceilings.  If you do happen to get a leak, don’t waste any time calling in the professionals.