5 Mold Prevention Tips For Your Property!

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April 18, 2021
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Mold usually occurs from water damages to your property, but it can occur from other issues in the home, including moisture control. All mold grows as a result of excess water in the home. Disaster Cleanup Services has several tips to help prevent mold on your property.

Call A Professional Water Damage Restoration Company If You Have Water Damages

If your home has water damages, it is important to call a professional disaster cleanup company. They have the proper equipment to ensure all water is removed from your property. If any water is left behind, it will result in mold growth. Water seeps easily under carpets and into walls, making it nearly impossible to remove unless you have the right tools.

Proper Ventilation

Kitchens and bathrooms are two common areas for mold growth. The main reason is the lack of ventilation. Without proper ventilation, condensation will form, which can lead to mold growth. You can achieve ventilation by opening windows, installing vents, using dehumidifiers and AC units.

Check Your Humidity

People are usually surprised to see that their indoor humidity is not within the acceptable ranges of 30 and 60 percent. Higher humidity levels lead to condensation on pipes, walls, and windows. Humidifiers and dehumidifiers are perfect additions to your home. They not only improve your air quality but keep your home from producing mold.

Keep Roof Gutters Clean

Dirty gutters are one of the main reasons for water damages inside your home. A clogged gutter can lead to water backing up into your roof and sides of your wall. Once this occurs, you usually won’t notice the water damages until mold stains appear. Keeping your gutter clean and free of debris and ensure no water damages will occur.

Check Problem Areas In Your Home Frequently

Certain areas of your home are more prone to water damages than others. Basements and attics are two of the main areas we see water damages and mold growth. Checking these areas regularly can ensure you catch and water damages quickly before mold has a chance to grow.

If your property does experience any water damages or mold growth, Disaster Cleanup Services is here for all your mold removal and water restoration needs!