5 Things You Should Know About Your Home and Winter Storms

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Winter is in full swing, and with it comes severe winter weather. Severe winter weather can cause significant damages to your property. Disaster Cleanup Services has a few tips to help you survive the harsh winter with no home disasters.

Check Your Property

While no one wants to be outside during harsh winter weather, it is crucial that you check the exterior and interior of your property for damages. Check your roof for excess ice or snow and make sure it is in good shape. Are all exposed pipes winterized? It is also a great idea to check your attics and basements. Make sure your sump pump is working and that you do not have any debris from the winter storms. These are necessary checks that can save you from experiencing significant water damages.

Disconnect Your Water Hose

If you have not disconnected your water hose, now would be a good time. Leaving your water hose connected can cause your spigot to freeze and possibly burst. This can create interior and exterior pipes to burst.

Keep Your Thermostat Set

Setting your thermostat can save you from frozen pipes. Even if you are on vacation or at work, set your thermostat to an eco-setting. This will ensure your home is warm enough to protect your pipes.

Open Cabinets and Interior Doors

If temperatures are falling to lower than average temps, you should open your cabinets and interior doors. This allows heat to hit your pipes and helps them not to freeze.

Let Water Trickle From Faucets

Your home should be winterized for regular winter weather, but if temperatures are dropping more than usual, it is essential to let your faucets to run with a trickle. This simple step will ensure your pipes do not freeze.

Frozen pipes and other winter weather damages can cause major water damages. It is important to keep an eye on the weather and make sure you take precautions. Water damages can cause mold growth to occur and structural damages. If you do experience, any water damages call a disaster cleanup company as soon as possible.