Exterior Spring Checklists That Can Help You Avoid Home Disasters!

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February 25, 2020
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The exterior of your home is one of the most important places you should check this Spring. Winter is almost over, and the snow will begin to melt. As the snow melts, you will be able to see damages your property. Completing a thorough check of the exterior of your home can save you from experiencing any disasters this Spring. Below, we provide some tips to get you through this season, disaster-free.

Check Your Roof For Damages

Roofs are the main area that becomes damaged during the Winter months. Your roof bears the brunt of the snow and ice. It protected the interior of your home. It is vital that you check the roof for missing shingles or other damages. If your roof is damaged, you will likely have mold and water damages.

Check Your Gutters

Gutters can easily become clogged with ice and other debris. When this occurs, it can cause your gutter back up and possibly break. If your gutter breaks, water can leak into the sides of your home. You won’t be able to see the damages, and it will cause rot and mold.

Check For Dead or Damaged Trees

Trees and limbs often become damaged during the Winter months. If your trees or limbs are damaged, you will need to have them pruned by a professional. Damaged trees can cause devastating damages to your home in the event a severe storm passes through the area.

Look For Window and Siding Damages

Your siding and windows aren’t generally damaged during the Winter months, but it is best to check them at the beginning of each season. Check for any cracks in windows or holes in your siding. Either of these damages can cause water damages.

Check Your Exterior Pipes and Spigots

Exposed pipes and water spigots are known to break during the Winter. It happens to thousands of homes each year. A small leak in your spigot or pipe can cause significant water damages to your property.

Checking the exterior of your home will allow you to see any damages and repair them before any disasters can occur!