Basement and Attic Checks For Spring

Melting Snow and Ice and Your Home
May 18, 2015
Wet Spring Brings Flooding
July 16, 2015

After winter, comes Spring cleaning! Everyone is feeling great because of the warmer weather and all the flowers are in bloom. Life is great! However, it is important that while cleaning you are checking your entire home or business for leaks and other problems such as mold or rot. Below are a few things that can cause problems to your home or office after a hard winter.


Attics are a place that people don’t normally go until they need to make a repair or they need something that is stored there. When you do your spring cleaning it is very important to check your attic for any damages. Some damages could include leaks from ice dams, flooding, rot, or even mold. All of these are dangerous situations that should only be handled by a professional. After checking your attic, if you have any problems, call Disaster Cleanup Services. We will be out quickly to assess the damages and begin cleanup on your home or office attic. We have all the equipment and proper tools to make sure your attic is cleaned up the right way and that it is done completely.


Basements are a dark and creepy place. It is also the perfect place to breed mold. If you have a leak and in your basement that you just discovered, it is possible that you may also have mold and rot. It is very important to check your basement after each season to make sure it is up to standards and that you have no problems. If you do have a flood, leak, mold, or rot, give Disaster Cleanup Services a call today. Mold must be dealt with in a certain manner, as it is a dangerous spore that can make you sick. We also have all the right equipment to cleanup any water and to ensure none is hidden in the floors or walls.

If you experience any leaking or mold in your attic or basement, make sure to call a disaster cleanup service company. They will be able to get the job done correctly as well as help with any insurance claims you may need to file. Make sure it is done the right way the first time!