Basements, Mold, and Frozen Pipes

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Basements are often overlooked when it comes to regular maintenance. We often forget about basements and attics when we do our seasonal checklists. These areas are not used much, so they are often forgotten until something is needed from that area. Checking your basement can save you thousands of dollars in damages and cleanup. Disaster Cleanup Services has some information to ensure your basement stays disaster free this Winter.

Basements and Frozen Pipes

Basements are often colder than other areas of your home. This can create frozen pipes that could burst. Many times, a frozen pipe bursts and causes significant water damages that are not found for weeks or even months. Frozen pipes can cause water damages, mold, mildew, and even structural damages to your basement. You can prevent this by checking your basement regularly. A quick weekly check could save your basement from substantial water damages.

Basements and Mold

Basements are the perfect place for mold growth. Mold needs moisture and darkness to grow and breed. Basements are usually dark, and if you overlook a leak or burst pipe, mold will begin to grow. Mold can spread quickly, causing major damages. If water is not removed quickly, it can cause structural damages, rot, and mold.

The best thing you can do to prevent water damages in your basement is to check in regularly. It would help if you incorporated it into your weekly maintenance plans. When you check your roof, garage, or other areas, check your basement. By doing this, you can prevent expensive damages to your home! If you do have water damages in your basement, it is crucial that you call a disaster cleanup professional. Disaster Cleanup Services have the proper equipment to find hidden water leaks and repair them. They will be able to remove the water and ensure the area is completely dry and restored.