Fire Safety Plans – A Checklist!

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Fires are one of the worst disaster types, but you can alleviate some of the stress if you have a fire safety plan in place. Fire safety plans can save the lives of your family, as well as, minimize fire damages to your home. Below, Disaster Cleanup Services will discuss fire safety and how to prepare yourself in the case of a fire emergency!

Fire Alarms and Fire Extinguishers

Fire alarms and extinguishers should be checks with the change of the season. This ensures that in the case of a fire, your alarms will go off and that you have extinguishers to put out smaller fires. Fire alarms and extinguishers are often overlooked when doing home maintenance.

Fire Escape Plans

Having a fire escape plan is one of the most important plans you can create. A simple plan can save your family and pets in the case of a fire. It is crucial to mark escape routes, places where fire extinguishers are kept, and what each person should do in the case of fire. It would be best if you practiced your escape route to ensure the entire family understands what should be done in an emergency. The more you practice, the better prepared you will be.

Fire Evacuation Kit

A fire evacuation kit should be kept by an adult in the home. This kit will contain special documents, medications, and other items that may be needed if your home catches on fire and you must evacuate.

Important Phone Numbers

Make sure you have the numbers of your insurance company, disaster cleanup services, and other important numbers in the case of a fire emergency. Having a list of phone numbers can help if you are experiencing a disaster!

Fire Proof Lockboxes

Fireproof lockboxes come in very handy. You can keep all your important documents and items in fireproof boxes.