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Keeping Your Home Safe from the Frigid Temps!
October 24, 2019
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November 7, 2019
Icicles growing from roof into gutter

Ice dams are a real concern during the winter months. Ice dams can cause devastating damages to the structure of your property. Disaster Cleanup Services wants your home to remain safe and disaster-free this Winter. Below we will discuss ice dams and how you can ensure your home is protected.

What is an ice dam?

Ice dams are large sheets of ice at the form along the sides of your roof. Ice builds up because of trapped water. Ice melts during warmer days and has nowhere to go, so it forms an ice barrier that continues to grow and trap water. This water can leak through your roof or siding and cause significant damages.

How can I prevent ice dams?

Ice dams are very common during the winter, but there are ways to prevent ice dams from occurring. The best way to prevent ice dams from forming is ensuring you have no warm air escaping through your attic. This can happen from damages or improper venting. It is also crucial to ensure your gutters are downspouts are clear of any ice and debris. If your roof commonly has ice dams, you can have heat cables installed to ensure the ice and snow melts and doesn’t stay on your roof.

What damages can occur from ice dams?

Ice dams can cause major water damages to your property. It can also cause mold growth, because you may not realize water is getting into the walls or leaking into your attic. Along with mold, water can cause rot and structural damages. These damages can be very costly, especially if the water is not removed in a timely manner.

If your roof has an ice dam, it is crucial to call a professional to have it safely removed. If you have had heavy snow, it may also be a good idea to have the snow removed, as snow can cause excess weight that can damage the integrity of your roof.