Colder Weather Can Lead To More Disasters – 5 Ways To Protect Your Property!

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September 25, 2020
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October 10, 2020
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Fall is here, and soon the colder weather will lead to winter and more home disasters. Many disasters can be prevented with the proper knowledge and preparations. Below, Disaster Cleanup Services will discuss five common winter disasters and how they can be prevented!


Fires are more common during the winter months because of the use of fireplaces, heaters, and even holiday lighting. Fires can be prevented by checking your fire alarms to ensure they are working correctly. It is also crucial that you never leave your fireplace unattended. Fires can cause devastating damages to your property.

Damaged Roofs

Roofs can become damaged from severe storms, including ice and snowstorms. Ice can form on your roof, causing ice dams. Ice dams are not only heavy, but they can cause water to enter your home. Ice dams not only cause structural damages but also water damages. If you have ice build-up on your roof, it is important that you have it removed as soon as possible.

Leaky Pipes

Leaky or burst pipes can occur when they become frozen. If you have cooler weather approaching, check your pipes. If you have exposed pipes, insulate them. You can also protect your pipes by leaving your heater on when away from home.


Mold occurs from water damages. If you have had water damages on your property, you will likely have mold at some point in the future. Mold can grow quickly and cause significant damages to your property.

Flooded Basements

Heavy rains and even snow that melts can cause your basement to become flooded. If you do not regularly check your basement, now is the time to start. Checking your basement and attic regularly can ensure you will not have water damages or mold growth.