Cooler Weather Can Lead to More Fire Disasters! 5 Ways To Ensure Your Home is Safe!

Close Up Of Replacing Battery In Domestic Smoke Alarm
5 Ways To Protect Your Home from Disasters as The Weather Becomes Cooler
September 20, 2020
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Colder Weather Can Lead To More Disasters – 5 Ways To Protect Your Property!
October 4, 2020
Close Up Of Replacing Battery In Domestic Smoke Alarm

Fires can cause devastating damages to your home. With the proper preparations, you can ensure your home stays safe from any fires this Fall and Winter. Below, Disaster Cleanup Services will discuss several things you can do to make your home safe!

Fire Alarms and Fire Extinguishers

Fire alarms and fire extinguishers are two of the most important items you can have in your home. Once alerts you to a fire, and the other helps to extinguish it. For fire alarms to work as they should, you must ensure the batteries are new and test the unit. You never want a faulty fire alarm in your home. Fire extinguishers should be strategically placed in different areas of your home. Each adult should know where they are located and how to use them properly. These two items could save your home and your family during a fire.

Fireplace Safety

Fireplaces are common during the colder months. They are beautiful, and people enjoy watching them. Unfortunately, many people do not know the proper safety measures that should be taken when using a fireplace. Fireplaces should be cleaned regularly, have guards in place, and always be supervised.

Hot Water Heater Maintenance

Hot water heaters can cause fires and water damages – 2 things you never want in your home. To prevent these types of problems, it is best to have your hot water heater checked regularly by a professional. If there are any repairs, they will be able to fix them and keep your home safe.

Outdoor Fires

Outdoor fires are a fun family activity. It is always fun to make s’mores and hot dogs and tell ghost stories by an outdoor fire. Unfortunately, outdoor fires can cause fires to your home. If outdoor fires are not appropriately prepped or supervised, they can turn into an uncontrollable fire. If you are planning an outdoor fire, it is crucial always to have safety first.

Holiday Lighting

Holiday lighting is beautiful, and we all enjoy looking at lights, but those lights can cause fires inside your home. Before you put your lighting up, check it. Check your holiday lighting for any damages. Frayed wires or damaged plugs are the number one cause of fires from holiday lighting.

Above are five ways to protect your home from fires. If you do experience a fire to your property, Disaster Cleanup Services will be here to help with fire cleanup and fire restoration services.