I Think I Have A Mold Problem! HELP!

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March 27, 2015
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April 22, 2015

All homes have small amounts of mold. The important thing is if it is active or not. Actively growing mold is what causes problems. This is the type of mold that will grow and release spores that will travel through your home. Once it has started growing the only way to stop it is with a disaster cleanup service that specializes in mold removal. Most companies will offer mold assessments to evaluate your home or office to see if mold is present and if it is active or not.

  • Moisture: If you have a lot of condensation, humidity, dampness, or plumbing problems you have mold. Mold loves dark and wet areas and will thrive.
  • Odor: If you smell a musty scent or one that smells like the outdoors you probably have hidden mold.
  • Leaks: Leaky pipes or toilets can cause moisture which causes mold. So leaking and moisture goes hand in hand.
  • Discoloration: Does your home have different colors forming on the ceilings, walls, clothing, or carpet? If so, that is mold growing.

It is very important to get a mold assessment. A disaster cleanup service will come out and look for mold that may be present in your walls, attics, or basements. This is where most mold begins. Dark, wet areas are a breeding ground for mold. It is important to find this mold and have a professional remove it.

Mold is a very dangerous problem. If you have water in places, that is a breeding ground for microbial growth. One it starts to move the real problems begin. Mold can get into your HVAC unit and cause the mold to travel to other areas of the home.  Mold causes many health problems from allergies to life threating illnesses. Mold affects both you, your family, and your pets. Call a professional cleanup company if you suspect you have mold. A simple assessment could save your home and your life.