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With Fall Comes Cooler Weather, Holiday Lights, and the Possibility of Fires, Be Prepared!

Fall is full of beautiful foliage as well as cooler weather and the holidays. With this comes a greater risk for fires. Disaster Cleanup Services wants you to be protected from disasters during the holidays and below we have some tips on what you can do to prevent fires from happening. It is also important to have a fire preparedness plan in case of a fire.

  • Check your Heating 

Whether it is a fireplace or a central heating unit, it should be checked that everything is working properly before use.

  • Ensure your Christmas Lights are in Good Condition and that Your Tree is Watered. 

Christmas lights can become damaged from year to year and it is important that you check them each year to make sure they are in good shape. If you use a live tree it is important that it has the right amount of water. A dry tree can be a huge fire hazard.

  • Pay Attention While Cooking

We all know that the holidays is meant for cooking and enjoying time with your family. However, more fires are caused by cooking during the holidays than any other time of year. It is important to make sure you have fire extinguishers on hand and that your fire alarms are in working order.

  • Lit Candles

Candles are a huge part of the fall and the holidays in general. A candle left alone or one that has fallen can wreak havoc on your home. One small candle can cause a whole house to catch ablaze. Be mindful of this during your festivities.

If you do happen to find yourself with a fire emergency make sure you call the fire department then a disaster cleanup service immediately. We will help you with insurance claims as well as the cleanup and fire restoration of your home and items.