Water Damages, Mold, and Ice Dams Can Be A Triple Threat to Your Home!

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December 11, 2019
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What does colder weather and water have in common? When it comes to your home, it can cause mold, water, and structural damages. While you usually wouldn’t think of the beautiful snow as a recipe for disaster, it can be. Your home is your haven. It is where you go after a long day at work to relax and spend time with family. It shouldn’t be a place for disasters to occurs. Unfortunately, we get thousands of calls about water damages and mold each Winter. Below, Disaster Cleanup Services will give you some insight on how to protect your home from water damages and mold growth.

Ice dams and frozen pipes are the main culprits of water damages during the winter months. Our winters are harsh, but we all know how to survive the snowstorms and winter weather. We do it every year, but over time, we become careless and don’t pay as much attention as we once did. This is how water damages, mold, and structural problems can happen.

Ice dams are common in Denver, but instead of ignoring them, you need to be proactive. If you see an ice dam or sheet of ice forming on your roof, remove it. If you see snow build up on your roof, it should be removed. Heavy snow and ice can damage the integrity of your roof. By being vigilant, you can save structural damages and water from leaking into your home.
Once the water has leaked into your home, it can be weeks before it is found. Attics are one of the least visited places in your home, as most do not enter their attics unless they need something. You should check it often for leaks. If the water is left in your attic or between your walls for an extended period, it can lead to mold growth.

Now you have structural damages, water damages, and mold growth all because of snow and ice on your roof. As you can see, a small oversight can cause significant damages to your property and cost you a lot of money in water damage restoration and mold removal. Be smart and keep aware of the weather and your property!