Winter is Right Around the Corner, Are You Prepared?

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September 28, 2015
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October 27, 2015

As a disaster cleanup service, we see all types of emergencies and disasters. Many of these are during the winter months and could have been avoided with a little winter preparation. Fall is approaching and now is the time to ensure your home is ready and that you are prepared. We will go over the basics of what you should do to ensure your home is winterized and not in any danger.

  • Check the Exterior of your Home

By doing this, you can see if you are missing shingles or if your roof needs to be cleaned. This will ensure your home is free from any leaks. Leaks could cause a huge problem. You will also be able to see if you have any exposed pipes that need to be covered, this includes removing you water hose and draining it. By preparing for freezing temperatures you are ensuring that your home is safe from frozen or broken pipes.

  • Check your Heating System

Having your heating system services should be one of the first things on your to do list for winter. If your heat is not working properly it can cause catastrophic problems for your home. Not only will you be cold, but the cold air may cause frozen pipes, broken siding, or even ice dams.

  • Clean your Gutters

With freezing temperatures on the way, you want to make sure your gutters are free from debris. This allows the water to run smoothly. If your gutters become clogged you will risk damage to your gutters as well as ice dams and icicles.

  • Check your Basement and Attic

It is important that your basement and attic are checked on a regular basis. These areas are normally left to their own devices. A simple check could save you the headache of a flooded basement or a leaky attic. Once winter hits, these problems will only become worse. Check it before to ensure your winter is stress free.

  • Check Fire Alarms

This should be done on a regular basis, but make sure before the holidays that all your fire alarms are in working order. With the addition of fireplaces, trees, lights, and packages you run a larger risk for fires. It is very important to know that your fire alarms are working and that you have a fire safety plan in place.

By following these simple steps you will have a stress free winter knowing your home is protected. If you do happen to need a disaster cleanup company, give us a call. We will be out to your home quickly to assess and begin cleanup and repairs.