Severe Weather Preparation Can Stop Storm Damages In Its Tracks

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Severe weather has been plaguing the United States for the last month. Dangerous winds, hail, and torrential rain have caused many storm damages to homes. We have many clients asking how they can prevent storm damages from occurring. Disaster Cleanup Services has tips to help keep your home safe from storm damages this Spring!

Check Your Trees

Pruned trees can be a lifesaver during severe weather. Limbs that appear dead or hang over your property can cause significant damages during a wind storm. Keeping your limbs cut and your trees healthy can prevent roof and other structural damages.

Are Your Shingles and Roof In Good Shape?

Your roof should be checked regularly. However, it isn’t something most people remember. A quick check of your roof’s shingles and gutters could save you from major water damages. Storms can cause shingles to break apart and gutters to become clogged. If this occurs, it can cause water to leak into your home. Water damages can cause extensive mold and damages to the structure of your home.

Do You Have a Pump For Your Basement?

Sump pumps are an essential part of your basement. Most basements come with sump pumps. If your property does not have one, you should have one installed. Heavy rains can cause flooding. Your basement will be the first place to become flooded on your property. A sump pump turns on automatically and pumps water out of your basement to ensure it does not become flooded. A flooded basement can be a severe water disaster.

Stay On Top of the Weather

Being aware of the weather in your area is one of the best ways to prevent storm damages. Knowing what severe weather may be coming and being able to prepare can save you from major damages. If a storm does damage your home, you will be prepared to contact a disaster cleanup company to handle the damages before they become a major problem!