When Is Sewage Considered Hazardous to Your Health?

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Sewage is never a pleasant surprise. Sewage can overflow into your home and also cause problems outside. If you have a sewage emergency, you should never try to remove the sewage yourself. Sewage is confirmed to contain bacteria and viruses that can make you very ill. If you have sewage anywhere on your property, it is crucial that you contact a disaster cleanup company to clean and remove the sewage from your property.

Is Sewage From My Toilet or Drain Dangerous?

Clear sewage may appear innocent enough, but it can still contain diseases. If you have sewage coming from your toilet or drain, it is important that you block the area off and ensure no one can enter the area. While it may look like clean water, it most likely isn’t. Sewage doesn’t always have a terrible smell and can be clear. Treat any sewage as if it were dangerous to you and your family.

There is Sewage Outside. Is it Hazardous?

As we have said, all sewage is hazardous, but outside sewage is usually a lot more dangerous. Sewage outside your home is likely raw sewage from a septic tank. This type of sewage usually smells terrible and has a dark color. If you see this type of sewage, you should head inside and call a professional for safe removal.

Sewage can back up and overflow onto your property for a variety of reasons. Heavy rains and snowmelt are common causes of sewage overflow. Septic tank or plumbing problems are the other reason. Sewage must be removed by certified professional that have the proper equipment, masks, and suits to ensure safety. Once the sewage is removed, the area will be cleaned to ensure no viruses or bacteria are left to harm you or your family.