Severe Weather can Cause More than Just Roof Damages

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The summer heat can cause severe storms to form. Severe weather can cause winds, hail, and flash flooding to occur. These severe conditions can cause major damages to your property. When you think of storm damages, you generally think about roof damages. Shingles can break off during windstorms, and hail can cause devastating damages to your roof, but what about the rest of your home?

Siding and Windows

Your siding and windows can also be damaged from hail and severe winds. Winds are capable of tearing apart your siding and leaving your home exposed to the elements. Hail can even break windows allowing rain to enter your home.

Structural Damages

Damages to the structure of your home can occur during a severe storm. Tree limbs can crash into your home, causing significant structural damages. These structural damages will also lead to major water damages.

Water Damages

Water damages are typical during severe weather. From flash flooding to water entering your home through roof or structure damages, water damages can be severe. Water damages not only ruin items inside your home, but it can also cause the structure of your home to rot, as well as mold growth can occur.

If your home is damaged during a severe storm, it is vital that you contact a company such as Disaster Cleanup Services. These companies know how to file insurance claims and clean up the water damages. Never wait to call a disaster cleanup company if you have storm damages. Water can quickly spread throughout your home, causing major water damages.
Never try to clean or repair the damages yourself. Your insurance company will need documentation of the damages. If you try to clean or repair, your claims will be more difficult to file. Trust the professional cleanup company. They are experts in storm damages and insurance claims!