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November 6, 2021
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Mold is everywhere, as it grows naturally in the wild. While some mold is beneficial, mold in your home is never good. The mold that is commonly found in homes is not meant to be there and can cause damages to the structure as well as illnesses to anyone in the home. Below, we will discuss three types of mold and what to do if you have old overgrowth on your property.

Pathogenic Mold

Pathogenic molds are dangerous, but immunocompromised people are at the most risk of infection from this type of mold. We see healthy people with infections from pathogenic mold, making it unsafe for humans to encounter.

Allergenic Mold

Allergenic mold can cause allergies in people. While this is annoying, it is not as deadly as toxic mold. This type of mold can cause people with asthma or bronchitis to have severe reactions.

Toxigenic Mold

Toxigenic mold is hazardous to all humans and animals who come into contact with it. This is the most dangerous and can cause severe reactions to people and pets in the home.

If you have a musty smell, see stains on your ceiling or wall, or have unexplained illnesses, it is important to contact a company that handles mold removal. Mold is challenging to remove as the spores can become airborne. Mold removal requires specific tools and disinfectants to ensure the removal is successful. All materials that have been affected by the mold will need to be removed.

The source of the mold growth will need to be found and repaired, and the area will need to be disinfected. If any mold-damaged materials or spores are left in the home, mold will quickly regrow. Hiring a professional for mold removal and remediation is crucial, as they have the knowledge, tools, and licenses to remove and dispose of all mold-containing materials.