Water Damages and The Link It Has To Mold Growth

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November 20, 2021
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December 22, 2021
Woman calling for disaster cleanup in front of a mold covered wall

Water damages occur as a result of flooding, faulty appliances, burst pipes, roof leaks, and many additional reasons, but one thing remains the same, the damages that water causes. Water damages are usually quite extensive because of the water’s ability to seep and spread to other areas quickly. This can be a large job, and many people attempt to clean up the water themselves. This is the first mistake. Most people do not have the right equipment for total water removal. Water damage restoration companies use technology to spot water that you cannot see. While you may be removing the water at the surface, you are missing the water in walls or beneath your flooring. This is where the problems arise.

Mold Growth

Water that is left behind becomes the perfect breeding ground for mold. When we receive calls for mold remediation, the client has usually had water damages in the recent past that they cleaned themselves. Mold loves damp and dark areas and will quickly breed out of control, causing mold stains and damaged materials. Mold causes severe allergies, including rashes. Mold is hazardous and needs to be removed by professionals. All mold needs to be removed from the property. This includes mold in crawlspaces and insulation. Once all the mold has been successfully removed, the area must be disinfected. This is a crucial step, as it ensures mold spores are killed and will not regrow.

Mold can be stubborn and will keep growing and spreading throughout the property if it is not removed correctly. Mold will also continue to grow if the water is not fully removed. It is vital that you contact a disaster cleanup company for water and mold removal. This can save you a lot of money in the future, as water and mold not only cause damages to materials but can cause rot to the structure of your property and foundation.