When to Call an Emergency Disaster Cleanup Company

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September 17, 2018
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What disasters warrant a call for emergency disaster clean up? Should you wait to call? Is it really an emergency? These are all questions that likely go through your mind before you make the call for emergency disaster clean up help. Luckily, Disaster Cleanup Services has tips to let you know when you should call a disaster cleanup company.

If It Feels Like an Emergency, Call Us!

The basic rule of thumb is to call a professional if it feels like an emergency. If it is an emergency in your eyes, call a professional disaster cleanup company. We want you to be safe and stress-free. If calling our expert disaster specialists helps ease your mind, DO IT!

Are there Water Damages?

Water damage is always an emergency. Water can cause devastating problems to your property. From mold and rot to structural damages, water can be a major thorn in your side. If caught early enough a disaster cleanup professional can quickly restore your property to what it was before the damages.

Is Sewage Involved?

If there is sewage in or around your home, it is crucial that you call a disaster cleanup professional as soon as possible. Sewage can contain viruses, bacteria, and diseases. You should never try to remove or clean sewage yourself. A professional will have the proper licenses to remove and properly dispose of sewage. They also have special cleaning agents and suits to remove the sewage safely.

Do You Have Storm Damages?

Storm damages can cause major havoc in your home. From broken windows and leaky roofs to flooding, it is important to call a professional disaster cleanup company that also specializes in storm damages. They will be able to seal off the area to ensure no more damage occurs and begin their storm damage cleanup and restoration.

Was there a Fire?

Fires can be devastating. They leave your property with water damages, fire damages, soot, and the smell of smoke. If you experience a fire, it is important to call a fire cleanup specialist as soon as your property is released from the fire department. Beginning fire damage restoration is the first step to restoring your life back to its normal shape.
If you have any of the above disasters, give your local disaster cleanup company a call! Emergency services and fast response is usually critical for a successful restoration!