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Mold is a widespread problem throughout the United States. There is a common misconception that properties are safe from the mold during the Winter months, but this is far from the truth. Mold does grow best in humid conditions, but mold can quickly grow during the Winter. If the humidity inside your property is off or you have had water damages, it is likely mold will form.

Winter Mold Growth

Mold does not grow as quickly during the colder months, but it is still considered a problem, as mold is hazardous to your health. If you notice mold stains on your ceiling or wall, it is time to call a professional to check your home. Mold will grow in areas you likely don’t inhabit. Basements, attics, crawlspaces, and between walls are all common areas for mold overgrowth. When mold stains occur, it means you already have a significant mold problem that needs to be addressed by a professional.

Mold growth and mold removal is a delicate process. All areas damaged by mold must be completed removed. If all areas are not removed, mold will regrow in those areas. That is why you see people with recurring mold growth on their property. Hiring a professional for mold removal is the best choice because they have the tools to find all of the mold and safely remove it from the property. They will also spray disinfectants to ensure no mold spores are present. This ensures that mold will not regrow on your property.

Mold removal can be completed during the winter months. If you have mold stains, call a professional as soon as possible. Mold can make you ill and cause allergic reactions. Disaster Cleanup Services provides mold remediation services as well as water damage cleanup to prevent mold growth.

October 19, 2020
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