Disaster Prevention

Fires can happen at any time, but the holidays often bring more fires inside homes. Holiday lighting is one of the leading causes of winter fires. We want you to avoid any fires to your home this winter. Below we will give you some tips to prevent fires inside your home.

Holiday Lighting

Frayed cords are one of the fastest ways of starting a fire. Make sure you check your decorations and lighting for any damaged wires. If the wires seem to be damaged, throw them away. Never try to splice or wrap up the wires. This can cause a fire to start quickly.

Use the Proper Extension Cords

If you are using outdoor decorations and lights, make sure you are using an extension cord for exterior use. Indoor extension cords are not designed to get wet. If they do, it can cause them to short out and possibly start a fire on your property. Make sure never to overload your extension cords.

Water Your Tree

If you use a real tree, you must keep an eye on it and water it. If the tree is not watered properly it can become engulfed in flames. This can cause a significant fire inside your home. If you have pets, make sure they are kept away from the tree. They will often drink the water and leave your tree dry.

Check Fire Alarms and Fire Extinguishers

The best way to prevent a fire from destroying your home is with the proper equipment. Fire alarms should be tested and checked before the beginning of each season. This helps to ensure they are working correctly in the event you have a fire in the home. Fire extinguishers should be checked, and everyone should know where they are located and how to use them correctly.

Above are just a few simple tips to keep your home fire-free this holiday season. If you do experience a fire, contact a disaster cleanup company as soon as possible.

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