Household Tips

Summer is officially here! With the 4th of July and the beginning of summer, it is time for fireworks, grilling, family, and friends. If you are like most, you will be celebrating outdoors, which may involve fire. Disaster Cleanup Services wants you to have a safe summer and below is some information to keep you and your family safe from disasters. 


Fireworks not only cause thousands of injuries a year, but they also result in house fires. With a few simple tips, you can prevent any out of control fires due to fireworks. 

  • Make sure children are always supervised when using fireworks. 
  • Never leave fireworks unattended.
  • Make sure the area is safe and does not have a fire ban. 
  • Pickup all fireworks afterward and ensure no small fires have started. A small spark can cause a fire that grows quickly and causes destruction.


When you are busy with festivities, it is easy to forget about your grill. Below are a few tips to ensure you are grilling safely this summer. 

  • When grilling, someone should always be outside to watch the grill. 
  • Fires can become out of control within seconds. Be aware!
  • Never let children near the grilling area. 


Campfires are a staple of summertime. They are fun! With ghost stories, stargazing, and s’mores, it is the perfect time for family and friends. Campfires can easily get out of control and cause a major fire. 

  • Never leave a fire unattended.
  • Ensure all children are a safe distance from the fire. 
  • Never start a fire close to your home or near explosives such as gas.
  • Once finished, extinguish the fire with dirt and water.

The above information should keep you safe from any unexpected fires. If you are going to be doing any of the above, follow our tips and enjoy your summer!

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